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Wanakiwi: A Free Decryption Tool for Wannacry Ransomware Released

wanakiwi a decryption tool for wannacry

Earlier this month on May 12 the globe witnessed largest ransomware attack Wannacry. It infected around 2,50,000  systems belonging to 150 countries.After a researcher found its kill switch, the speed in the spread of ransomware was halted.But still, most of systems which were infected by wannacry were not restored.

If you do not know about the attack and have not taken any prevention measures, Read about How to prevent Wannacry Ransomware attack.

In case, if your system has been affected by wannacry here is a good news for you a cyber security researcher Benjamin Delpy has developed a tool called wanakiwi.

Wanakiwi is developed as open source and available for free to use at Github. It supports  Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

How to download wanakiwi and decrypt files
1.Download Wannakiwi from GitHub
2.Follow the step by step process in the video below to decrypt your files encrypted by wannacry

A Video Demo of Wanakiwi From TheHackerNews Team

However, the tool doesn't work with windows 8,10 operating systems.According to Kaspersky, 98% of the machines infected by wannacry are windows 7.So this could help all those victims decrypt their files for free. 

Note: After decrypting the files backup them to an external hard disk and reboot your system. Wanakiwi doesn't work if your system was shutdown or rebooted after the attack.

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