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Say hello to Google Allo a new chat app which is smarter than whatsapp

a messaging app by google

We all know that mobile chatting application WhatsApp has billions of users globally and became an essential application .Now google has launched a new application as a competitor for WhatsApp with more features like smart messaging,ink photos etc. it has been launched on September 20th .                                                                                                                            

                                        Download it from website
Here are few interesting features of Google Allo :
  •    Smart Reply
  •    Ink 
  •    Stickers 
  •    SHOUT or whisper 
  •    Meet your personal Google Assistant 
  •    Incognito mode 

Pros :
 Less in Size (9.47 MB)
 Smart reply option makes chatting  easy on the go.
 Google assistant is very interesting
Cons ;
  Has a lot of bugs
  Crashes in some devices

In order to compete with WhatsAppMessenger ,It  needs to have some essential updates.But Allo  is definitely smarter than WhatsApp   because of  hassle free chatting on the go.