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Yahoo is owned by Verizon for $4.8 billion officially stated by its CEO

Internet giant yahoo is known for its immense of services from the beginning era of internet.it has around 1 billion users and 26 sub firms few of  them are listed below.once upon a time it was estimated to have worth $125 billion and even in a stage to buy google and facebook.

List of  popular Yahoo services
  •            Yahoo mail
  •            Yahoo messenger
  •            Yahoo news
  •            Yahoo answers
  •            Yahoo Finance
  •            Yahoo Cricket
  •            Yahoo Group
  •             Flickr          
However it failed to  compete with the advancement of  services like facebook messenger and google search  engine.Those factors lowered the market of the company and finally Verizon to take up the yahoo's operating business for a worth of $4.83 billion.
Official statement by CEO: 

          Its CEO, Marissa Mayer  addresses the company employees and user through email .She had posted the same content via twitter and her blog below is the link mentioned
          Link:Marissa's Email


Kickass Torrents is back as DXTorrent Even After Arrest of its Founder

We all came to know that kickass torrents founder Artem vaulin is arrested in Poland and its main domain name kat.cr is suspended on Thursday, July 21.The website is reportedly most popular illegal file-sharing community with billions of visitors distributing $1 billion copyrighted materials. The case of copyright infringement is filed against vaulin.

              Reference link: Complaint press release


Screenshot of    www.DXTorrent.com

  However In 2016, after suspension of its domain names and arrest of vaulin didn't stop the file sharing website completely as it came back with new domain name DXTorrent . which was just registered a week ago according to whois database.

kat.am as domain

Screenshot of www.Kat.am 

Current working domains : DXtorrent

Even some other domain names kickasstorrents.com kat.tv, kat.to, kat.cr are working in some countries using proxies or Vpn.To stop an illegal internet sharing it is getting very tough for cyber crime department members with this kind of actions by pirates.

UPDATE 2017:
                 Now kickass Torrents is completely restored and operated using domain names below.It's again able to manage 2Millions hits each month for every link.
                 Working Mirrors:   Dustorrent.com
                                                  Ds-torrent.com (Only old data updated 1year ago)

   Kickass Torrents  Current Domains with updated torrent Downloads:

  •    kickass torrents.to   (Estimated Visits/Month 6.6Million)
  •    katcr.to                 (Estimated Visits/Month 2.7 Million)
  •    kat.am                     (Estimated Visits/Month 650k)