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Top 10 Must have Ethical Hacking Tools


             It is abbrievated as  Network Mapper .It is a security scanner used for scanning networks. It is available for most of  windows variants,Linux distros and Macintosh.It comes out with both gui based and teminal based version.It is also called Zenmap in some variants .

Snapshot of the Tool  in Windows 10

official site
online Tool:
           – Online tool to check your computer

                 It is a tool used of traffic capturing and it is formally classified as a Network protocol analyzer .
       Snapshot of the tool in windows 10

         official site

                 It is a widely used vulnerability scanner.It scans for Misconfiguration,denial-of-service,default passwords etc. It is devoloped by teenable network security and freely available for personal use.It has both web application and offline option.

       Snapshot of the Tool (web application)


           Official website:

               It is a tool used for  executing exploit code against target machine.These type of attacks are known as web server attacks.The versions of this are different types
                    Metasploit Framework
                    Metasploit Community edition
                    Metasploit Express
                    Metasploit Pro
       Snapshot of Metasploit Framework



   Official website:

               It is tool used for sniffing.It is mostly used for Man-In-The-Middle attacks on lan. It has many features of network and host runs on all most all popular environments.

         Snapshot of the Tool in kali linux

                  IT is open source tool for detecting  and exploiting sql injection flaws.It supports five sql injection techniques i.e time based blind
                                  boolean based blind
                                  error based
                                  union query
                                  stacked query
     Snapshot of the Tool in Kalilinux(terminal based)



     Official website:

                   It is web application security identifies sql injection,cross site scripting and harmful file uploads etc,

  Snapshot of the Tool

 Official website:

                    Aircrack is a network security package tool which consists of packet sniffer,WEP and WPA-2 cracker,detector etc.It runs on all popular operating systems.
                Aircrack-ng is a child of aircrack project(It cracks WEP and WPA keys using Dictionary attacks)
    Snapshot of the Tool in kalilinux(terminal based)



  Official website:

                         It is a software used for forensics and open source intelligence   .It will very useful for information gathering by ethical discovers data from open sources and visualises it in graphs.It is also suitale for data mining

    Snapshot of the Tool in kali linux

            Official website:   

10.John The Ripper:
                           It is the free password cracking  tool.It is one of the most popular password cracking tools.It runs on 15 operating system environments  which includes windows,mac and all open sorce  operating systems like Linux variants,Freebsd etc.
           It is open source software you may browse the documentation online
Snapshot of the tool in kalilinux(terminal based)


Official website:

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