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How to hack facebook account by phising attack with kali linux SE Toolkit

                       Hacking   Facebook Accounts  

Hearing the word "Facebook hacking" many people gets excited how to do it,some people get scared of that. In this post i will  create awareness on facebook hacking.
  How facebook can be hacked?? Truly speaking facebook cannot be hacked directly.there is a technique called phishing which means collecting login credentials from user by attacker using fake facebook pages which look similar to the original page.this method of creating fake pages is also known as "site cloning".phishing can be done in many ways,one of them were shown in this post.

Requirements :

  •  Computer(laptop)
  •  Kali linux operating system
  • Internet

Using this technique you can hack any website this method works in android too by installing kali linux in android and there many phising techniques for facebook hacking.

SECURE TIP: To stay safe from this kind of attacks you should always look at the address bar whether the link is" https" or not.if it is not https never dare to enter your login credentials.

How to become an Ethical Hacker & What are the Skills required for hacking

    We all know that "How to become a hacker" is a million dollar question but we dont have clear solution in hand.In this post i will give you a clear scenario about this question.

How to learn hacking |Hackersstop

       Who can become a hacker.one who has knowledge of below points

  1. Computer knowledge
  2. Internet 
  3. Basics of Networking(TCP/IP,OSI WORKING) 
  4. Operating Systems               
   Skills :
  1. Problem solving
  2.  Exploration of Bugs
   Above mentioned things are mandatory for one to become a hacker.what type of hacker you opt to be? I only refer the whitehat type, it is the only legal category  of hackers.Whitehat hackers are probably the Ethical Hackers they hack for the sake of owners protection level testing.To learn these ethical hacking full course there are many training centres in india and throught the world to make u well trained and certify.

   To make you certified in Ethical hacking the global certifying body is EC-COUNCIL.
to view EC-COUNCIL accredated training centers near by you can go to below link

Even if you are not willing to efford for training program but still interested in learning hacking you can follow my blog.
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