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Who is known as Hacker and Types of Hackers

HACKER   is the  one who illegaly breaks  into a  system or a network to cause certain damage.Basing on the way they  attack our system and the intension behind attacking our system they are classified into 3 main types as follows
  1.   BLACKHAT hacker
  2.   WHITEHAT hacker
  3.   GRAYHAT   hacker
  • Blackhat :  They are the hackers who exploit victims systems to destroy it or to cause some damage  for the user or to steal some valuable information from victim.they are known as cyber criminals .
  • Whitehat: They are hackers but they exploit the system by owners knowledge in order to check the security level of the system.They are also known as ethical hackers as they stick to certain ethics.
  • Grayhat: This category of hackers have both the qualities of whitehat and blackhat. they are known as grayhat due to their gray shade of thinking.
some other categories of hackers

  • Script kiddies: They use certain tools and scripts to hack but dont have any knowledge regarding hacking.they are known as unskilled hackers.
  • Suicide hackers: They  attack any system or network for certain cause and they dont even bother about being prisioned .
  • Cyber terrorists: This category of hackers might be group or individual but sent by  some terrorists or religional people.they target large computer networks.
  • Spy hackers: spy hackers are appointed by some company to steal trade information of another company.
  • State sponsored hackers: they are appointed by a government to get information about a particular rival government.