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Top 9 Ethical Hackers of India 2015

1.Rahul Tyagi:

Rahul tyagi is a very good ethical hacker and author.he is a postgraduate in computer science .he has written two books about ethical hacking.currently he is working for lucideus a cyber security training and solution center.
He is technical head of Newspaper association of India , Vice-president in cyber security and Anti-hacking organisation.

Books written: Hacking Crux 1
                        Hacking Crux 2

             Blog: www.officialrahultyagi.blogspot.in

2.Ankit Fadia:

Ankit fadia is a very famous ethical hacker not only in india but also throughout the world.he is the youngest author to be published by macmillan.He is the brand ambassador of Digital india campaign.he was awarded "security charlaton of the year" at Defcon 20.

He made an Youtube show called Geek ON The Loose
Mtv show : What The Hack
Unzipped by Dell :it contains 50 videos

Books written: 16 Books 

3.Sunny Vaghela:

Sunny vaghela is an information security and cyber crime consultant.he played crucial role in tracing terror email in Ahmedabad serial bomb blasts and also helped Mumbail Anti Terrorist Squad(ATS) at time of 26/11 Bombings.At the age of 19 sunny has found severe vulnerabilities in famous social networking site Orkut.

Currently he is Director at Techdefence consulting pvt ltd.


4.Trishneet Arora:

Trishneet arora is a famous Ethical hacker,Author,Speaker and Enterpreneur.he established a company Tac security solutions provides protection aganist data theft and also cyber security training.he has helped Gujarat police,Punjab police and CBI .his clients are Reliance industries,ICICI,Amul,Ralson and many Mnc's from Dubai and UK.

Books written: The Hacking Era

5.Falgun Rathod:

Falgun rathod is an information security and cyber crime consultant.he has solved several cyber crime cases he has been assisting many government agencies .
He is invited member at ICTTF(International cyber threat task force)and CSFI(Cyber securityforuminitiative).he is also invited article writer at pentest magzine..

6.Benild Joseph:

Benild joseph is an ethical hacker and cyber crime researcher.he is also working with various law enforcement agencies,police departments and corporate companies.he has also worked on lot of security projects at ICTTF,CCIB,CSFI and IISRO.

Co-author of book CCI written for law enforcements in India.
He has discovered crucial vulnerabilities in sites Facebook,Yahoo,Sony,Blackberry,AT&T etc.

7.Aseem Jakhar:

Aseem jakhar is a security researcher.he has worked on various security softwares including Anti-virus,Anti-spam,multicast packet reflector,bayesian spam filter and Merapoint messaging.he is well known in fields of hacking and security.
He is the founder of a open security community called Nullcon 

website: www.nullcon.net

8.Pavan Kushwaha:

Pavan kushwaha is a cyber security expert.he has identified loopholes in  mobile networks and social networking sites from the age of 16.he started a company kratikal which provides solution to cyber threats.

Website: www.kratikal.in

9.Sai Satish:

Sai satish is  ethical hacker and enterpreneur.he is founder of indian servers. he acts as administrator for Andhra hackers community forum.he has conducted several workshops to educate teenagers regarding cyber security .he has been covered national and regional media several times.

Books written: Hacking Secrets

Top 10 Must have Ethical Hacking Tools


             It is abbrievated as  Network Mapper .It is a security scanner used for scanning networks. It is available for most of  windows variants,Linux distros and Macintosh.It comes out with both gui based and teminal based version.It is also called Zenmap in some variants .

Snapshot of the Tool  in Windows 10

official site :www.nmap.org
online Tool:
                 nmap-online.com    – Online tool to check your computer

                 It is a tool used of traffic capturing and it is formally classified as a Network protocol analyzer .
       Snapshot of the tool in windows 10

         official site :www.wireshark.org

                 It is a widely used vulnerability scanner.It scans for Misconfiguration,denial-of-service,default passwords etc. It is devoloped by teenable network security and freely available for personal use.It has both web application and offline option.

       Snapshot of the Tool (web application)


           Official website: www.teenable.com

               It is a tool used for  executing exploit code against target machine.These type of attacks are known as web server attacks.The versions of this are different types
                    Metasploit Framework
                    Metasploit Community edition
                    Metasploit Express
                    Metasploit Pro
       Snapshot of Metasploit Framework



   Official website: www.metasploit.com

               It is tool used for sniffing.It is mostly used for Man-In-The-Middle attacks on lan. It has many features of network and host analysis.it runs on all most all popular environments.

         Snapshot of the Tool in kali linux

                  IT is open source tool for detecting  and exploiting sql injection flaws.It supports five sql injection techniques i.e time based blind
                                  boolean based blind
                                  error based
                                  union query
                                  stacked query
     Snapshot of the Tool in Kalilinux(terminal based)



     Official website: www.sqlmap.org

                   It is web application security scanner.it identifies sql injection,cross site scripting and harmful file uploads etc,

  Snapshot of the Tool

 Official website: http://www.w3af.org/

                    Aircrack is a network security package tool which consists of packet sniffer,WEP and WPA-2 cracker,detector etc.It runs on all popular operating systems.
                Aircrack-ng is a child of aircrack project(It cracks WEP and WPA keys using Dictionary attacks)
    Snapshot of the Tool in kalilinux(terminal based)



  Official website: www.aircrack-ng.org

                         It is a software used for forensics and open source intelligence   .It will very useful for information gathering by ethical hackers.it discovers data from open sources and visualises it in graphs.It is also suitale for data mining

    Snapshot of the Tool in kali linux

            Official website: www.paterva.org   

10.John The Ripper:
                           It is the free password cracking  tool.It is one of the most popular password cracking tools.It runs on 15 operating system environments  which includes windows,mac and all open sorce  operating systems like Linux variants,Freebsd etc.
           It is open source software you may browse the documentation online http://www.openwall.com/john/doc/
Snapshot of the tool in kalilinux(terminal based)


Official website: www.openwall.com/john

How to hack facebook account by phising attack with kali linux SE Toolkit

                       Hacking   Facebook Accounts  

Hearing the word "Facebook hacking" many people gets excited how to do it,some people get scared of that. In this post i will  create awareness on facebook hacking.
  How facebook can be hacked?? Truly speaking facebook cannot be hacked directly.there is a technique called phishing which means collecting login credentials from user by attacker using fake facebook pages which look similar to the original page.this method of creating fake pages is also known as "site cloning".phishing can be done in many ways,one of them were shown in this post.

Requirements :

  •  Computer(laptop)
  •  Kali linux operating system
  • Internet

Using this technique you can hack any website this method works in android too by installing kali linux in android and there many phising techniques for facebook hacking.

SECURE TIP: To stay safe from this kind of attacks you should always look at the address bar whether the link is" https" or not.if it is not https never dare to enter your login credentials.

How to become an Ethical Hacker & What are the Skills required for hacking

    We all know that "How to become a hacker" is a million dollar question but we dont have clear solution in hand.In this post i will give you a clear scenario about this question.

How to learn hacking |Hackersstop

       Who can become a hacker.one who has knowledge of below points

  1. Computer knowledge
  2. Internet 
  3. Basics of Networking(TCP/IP,OSI WORKING) 
  4. Operating Systems               
   Skills :
  1. Problem solving
  2.  Exploration of Bugs
   Above mentioned things are mandatory for one to become a hacker.what type of hacker you opt to be? I only refer the whitehat type, it is the only legal category  of hackers.Whitehat hackers are probably the Ethical Hackers they hack for the sake of owners protection level testing.To learn these ethical hacking full course there are many training centres in india and throught the world to make u well trained and certify.

   To make you certified in Ethical hacking the global certifying body is EC-COUNCIL.
to view EC-COUNCIL accredated training centers near by you can go to below link

Even if you are not willing to efford for training program but still interested in learning hacking you can follow my blog.
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Who is known as Hacker and Types of Hackers

HACKER   is the  one who illegaly breaks  into a  system or a network to cause certain damage.Basing on the way they  attack our system and the intension behind attacking our system they are classified into 3 main types as follows
  1.   BLACKHAT hacker
  2.   WHITEHAT hacker
  3.   GRAYHAT   hacker
  • Blackhat :  They are the hackers who exploit victims systems to destroy it or to cause some damage  for the user or to steal some valuable information from victim.they are known as cyber criminals .
  • Whitehat: They are hackers but they exploit the system by owners knowledge in order to check the security level of the system.They are also known as ethical hackers as they stick to certain ethics.
  • Grayhat: This category of hackers have both the qualities of whitehat and blackhat. they are known as grayhat due to their gray shade of thinking.
some other categories of hackers

  • Script kiddies: They use certain tools and scripts to hack but dont have any knowledge regarding hacking.they are known as unskilled hackers.
  • Suicide hackers: They  attack any system or network for certain cause and they dont even bother about being prisioned .
  • Cyber terrorists: This category of hackers might be group or individual but sent by  some terrorists or religional people.they target large computer networks.
  • Spy hackers: spy hackers are appointed by some company to steal trade information of another company.
  • State sponsored hackers: they are appointed by a government to get information about a particular rival government.