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Wanakiwi: A Free Decryption Tool for Wannacry Ransomware Released

wanakiwi a decryption tool for wannacry

Earlier this month on May 12 the globe witnessed largest ransomware attack Wannacry. It infected around 2,50,000  systems belonging to 150 countries.After a researcher found its kill switch, the speed in the spread of ransomware was halted.But still, most of systems which were infected by wannacry were not restored.

If you do not know about the attack and have not taken any prevention measures, Read about How to prevent Wannacry Ransomware attack.

In case, if your system has been affected by wannacry here is a good news for you a cyber security researcher Benjamin Delpy has developed a tool called wanakiwi.

Wanakiwi is developed as open source and available for free to use at Github. It supports  Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

How to download wanakiwi and decrypt files
1.Download Wannakiwi from GitHub
2.Follow the step by step process in the video below to decrypt your files encrypted by wannacry

A Video Demo of Wanakiwi From TheHackerNews Team

However, the tool doesn't work with windows 8,10 operating systems.According to Kaspersky, 98% of the machines infected by wannacry are windows 7.So this could help all those victims decrypt their files for free. 

Note: After decrypting the files backup them to an external hard disk and reboot your system. Wanakiwi doesn't work if your system was shutdown or rebooted after the attack.

Zomato website got hacked and hacker demands a bug bounty program

zomato website hacked and hacker asks bu bounty program

The popular Food & Restaurant search engine startup Zomato website was hacked and login credentials of 17 million users were kept for sale on the dark web.According to Hackread, the data breach has happened this may 2017.Data leaked contains email ids and hashed passwords.However, data of users registered in zomato with third party services like google, facebook (via 0Auth login) are not compromised they are secure.

Initially, it was wrongly estimated as internal human security breach(by hacking developer account)by zomato team.Later got in touch with hacker and they said he is cooperative we got to know all the details how the attack happened .the hacker asked them to have bug bounty program for security researchers and they agreed to that and said very soon we will  start a bug bounty program in hackerone .

Zomato stated the same on their blog post as shown below,

The hacker has been very cooperative with us. He/she wanted us to acknowledge security vulnerabilities in our system .His/her key request was that we run a healthy bug bounty program for security researchers.
We are introducing a bug bounty program on Hackerone very soon. With that assurance, the hacker has in turn agreed to destroy all copies of the stolen data and take the data off the dark web marketplace. The marketplace link which was being used to sell the data on the dark web is no longer available.
Source:  Zomato blog security notice

Passwords for all the accounts hacked were reset by zomato team .so now all the user data was secured.It will be really good if they start a new bug bounty program which will be a mutual benefit to hackers and the company.This move will enhance the security of their users.We advice all the startups to have bug bounty programs and prevent this kind of security breaches.

How to Prevent Wannacry ransomware attack and stay secured

Wannacry ransomware attack is the largest cyber attack occurred in recent years.It infected more than 2,00,000 systems in 150 countries.It has spread very fast until a researcher found its KillSwitch and halt its spread.

Wannacry ransomware attack

What is WannaCry ?

It is a ransomware a kind of malware tool which is also known as WannaCrypt,WannaCryptor 2.0,Wanna Decryptor 2.0.

How does it work?

It encrypts files in victims system and demands money for its recovery.It uses an exploit named Eternalblue which functions by a vulnerability in windows system which was avoided by a patch released on march 14th.But many people has not yet installed the patch.So the attack infected a large number of systems across the globe.

How dangerous it is?

It is too dangerous because it starts spreading between systems like a worm it infected around 75,000 systems within 24 hours.It is also a big privacy concern that the data present on the victim's system can be sold on Darkweb.A report says that 56 crore Ids and passwords found on an anonymous database .

How does the spread of attack halt?

The spread of attack was stopped by a cyber security researcher who accidentally found its Kill Switch.

No.of systems infected till now?

Total 2,93,000 systems was infected with this malware as on  18 may according to IntelMalwareTech

Who is behind this attack?

It is still a mystery that who is behind this attack.But few google researchers finds link between Wanna cry attacks and north Korea

How can we prevent it?

We can prevent it with these three measures stated below

How to prevent wannacry ransomware attack

Tip 1:  Disable windows SMB feature which will be enabled by default.
    Go to control panel >Programs >Programs and features>Turn Windows features on or off>SMB V1.0/CIFS file sharing support

Tip2:  Install  Windows Update MS17-010  released by Microsoft on 14th March 2017

Tip3:   Do not click any suspicious links from emails, google docs or anywhere on the internet.Update your system even if you're using an unsupported operating system like windows XP,7  Microsoft has released the patch for those systems too.

Emergency Press release about Wannacry

Best Security practices to prevent any ransomware attacks in future:

  • Don't open email attachments even if it looks genuine .Better ask the email sender whether he sent it because malware can compose emails without the user's knowledge.
  • Keep your Antivirus updated
  • Keep the operating system up-to-date (Its better to enable auto updates )
  • Take regular backup of all sensitive and critical data.

Best moral should be learned from this attack is always keep your operating system and antivirus system up to date.

How to bypass windows Operating System login password

How to bypass/Modify windows login password
forgot login password

Many of us are stuck in ending up at the login password (which you don’t own it) ,to retrieve the data. Well this tutorial explains how to bypass/ modify login password. If you forgot your login password, this will be helpful.

***This is just for educational purpose only, I am 

not responsible for the consequences***

Now follow the following steps to attain your freedom towards your lost password of windows login or bypass windows login password.

Step 1: Create a bootable USB with windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 or 10 which is having at least 8GB of capacity.

Step 2: In bios make sure USB drive is set to first priority in the boot menu. You can also press F10 at the time of booting your system.

enter into boot menu

Now select the USB disk in which your bootable image is loaded and press enter.

boot manager

Step 3: Now the windows installation prompt will be started. Now press shift+F10 to open command prompt.

Step 4: Navigate to the drive where your windows is installed. To check whether it is the right drive type in “dir” and make sure you see Program files, Windows etc folders.

command prompt

Step 5: Navigate to <drive> Windows\system32

Step 6: Type in following commands

cmd backup

Copy cmd.exe cmd.exe.bak
(It says 1File(s) copied.)
Copy utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak
(It says 1File(s) copied.)
Copy cmd.exe utilman.exe
(It asks to overwrite utilman.exe? yes/no/all: )
Type ‘Y’ 

Step 7: Now restart your pc (make sure you remove your USB) and at the bottom of the screen you’ll find ‘ease of access button, click on it you must see your command prompt.

ease of access

Step 8: Type in the following commands
cmd net usercmd net user password

Net user
(Displays all user accounts)
Net user “<your account name>” *
(Type a password for your account)

Step 9: Now login your account with your modified password.

Step 10: Later Don’t forget to revert step 6 changes.

Let me know in the comment section if any issues on bypass of login password.

Say hello to Google Allo a new chat app which is smarter than whatsapp

a messaging app by google

We all know that mobile chatting application WhatsApp has billions of users globally and became an essential application .Now google has launched a new application as a competitor for WhatsApp with more features like smart messaging,ink photos etc. it has been launched on September 20th .                                                                                                                            

                                        Download it from website
Here are few interesting features of Google Allo :
  •    Smart Reply
  •    Ink 
  •    Stickers 
  •    SHOUT or whisper 
  •    Meet your personal Google Assistant 
  •    Incognito mode 

Pros :
 Less in Size (9.47 MB)
 Smart reply option makes chatting  easy on the go.
 Google assistant is very interesting
Cons ;
  Has a lot of bugs
  Crashes in some devices

In order to compete with WhatsAppMessenger ,It  needs to have some essential updates.But Allo  is definitely smarter than WhatsApp   because of  hassle free chatting on the go.