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Top 10 Must have Ethical Hacking Tools


             It is abbrievated as  Network Mapper .It is a security scanner used for scanning networks. It is available for most of  windows variants,Linux distros and Macintosh.It comes out with both gui based and teminal based version.It is also called Zenmap in some variants .

Snapshot of the Tool  in Windows 10

official site
online Tool:
           – Online tool to check your computer

                 It is a tool used of traffic capturing and it is formally classified as a Network protocol analyzer .
       Snapshot of the tool in windows 10

         official site

                 It is a widely used vulnerability scanner.It scans for Misconfiguration,denial-of-service,default passwords etc. It is devoloped by teenable network security and freely available for personal use.It has both web application and offline option.

       Snapshot of the Tool (web application)


           Official website:

               It is a tool used for  executing exploit code against target machine.These type of attacks are known as web server attacks.The versions of this are different types
                    Metasploit Framework
                    Metasploit Community edition
                    Metasploit Express
                    Metasploit Pro
       Snapshot of Metasploit Framework



   Official website:

               It is tool used for sniffing.It is mostly used for Man-In-The-Middle attacks on lan. It has many features of network and host runs on all most all popular environments.

         Snapshot of the Tool in kali linux

                  IT is open source tool for detecting  and exploiting sql injection flaws.It supports five sql injection techniques i.e time based blind
                                  boolean based blind
                                  error based
                                  union query
                                  stacked query
     Snapshot of the Tool in Kalilinux(terminal based)



     Official website:

                   It is web application security identifies sql injection,cross site scripting and harmful file uploads etc,

  Snapshot of the Tool

 Official website:

                    Aircrack is a network security package tool which consists of packet sniffer,WEP and WPA-2 cracker,detector etc.It runs on all popular operating systems.
                Aircrack-ng is a child of aircrack project(It cracks WEP and WPA keys using Dictionary attacks)
    Snapshot of the Tool in kalilinux(terminal based)



  Official website:

                         It is a software used for forensics and open source intelligence   .It will very useful for information gathering by ethical discovers data from open sources and visualises it in graphs.It is also suitale for data mining

    Snapshot of the Tool in kali linux

            Official website:   

10.John The Ripper:
                           It is the free password cracking  tool.It is one of the most popular password cracking tools.It runs on 15 operating system environments  which includes windows,mac and all open sorce  operating systems like Linux variants,Freebsd etc.
           It is open source software you may browse the documentation online
Snapshot of the tool in kalilinux(terminal based)


Official website:

5 Top Most CEO'S Twitter Accounts Hacked in 2016

Many twitter  accounts and also other social media accounts were hacked this year in which many of top tech companies Ceo's and also some celebrities became victims.Most of these attacks were done by OURMINE hacking team.Some of them were listed below .

  Mark Zuckerberg                                                                                                                                                 CEO of Facebook


 Earlier this year a hacking group called OURMINE hacked twitter account of zuckerberg.the password was said to be leaked from LinkedIn password dump.they also compromised Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts of Zuckerberg which has same password as the twitter.the password was also posted in a tweet by the hacking group "dadada".  

Now the twitter account has been recovered and is normal.


Sundar Pichai                                                                                                                                                 CEO of Google                                                                                                                

There is no exception even for largest tech giant google's CEO Sundar Pichai.his quora account has been hacked and spam posts have been posted on twitter account linked with that.OURMINE hacking group claims responsibility for this attack too.

Now his Quora and twitter accounts are normal 

Jack Dorsey                                                                                                                                                CEO of Twitter

OURMIINE hacking team was even able to post from jack Dorsey's twitter account and then twitter team   removed posts its clear message that no one are an  exception when security is weak.

Jimmy Wales                                                                                                                                                Founder of Wikipedia                                                                                                                                                                      

The same hacking group also hacked the twitter account of jimmy wales and they tweeted "R.I.P jimmy wales" and "i confirm that Wikipedia is all lies our mine team is true".

Now the account was normal tweeted by jimmy wales

Tim Armstrong                                                                                                                                                 CEO of AOL

Tim Armstrong's twitter  account was also hacked by  same hacking team .they posted some spam tweets.Now his account was normal.

  • There are also few other celebrities in the list   Kat perry(singer ),  Brendan Iribe(oculus CEO),Daniel Ek(Spotify CEO) , Lana Del Ray(singer), Kylie Jenner( celebrity ), Drake(rapper )

The hacking group says that these were done only to make them aware of weak security and that is the reason they didn't change  password for any account.So the message is clear from these attacks use unique and strong  passwords and update them  frequently.

How to bypass windows Operating System login password

How to bypass/Modify windows login password
forgot login password

Many of us are stuck in ending up at the login password (which you don’t own it) ,to retrieve the data. Well this tutorial explains how to bypass/ modify login password. If you forgot your login password, this will be helpful.

***This is just for educational purpose only, I am 

not responsible for the consequences***

Now follow the following steps to attain your freedom towards your lost password of windows login or bypass windows login password.

Step 1: Create a bootable USB with windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 or 10 which is having at least 8GB of capacity.

Step 2: In bios make sure USB drive is set to first priority in the boot menu. You can also press F10 at the time of booting your system.

enter into boot menu

Now select the USB disk in which your bootable image is loaded and press enter.

boot manager

Step 3: Now the windows installation prompt will be started. Now press shift+F10 to open command prompt.

Step 4: Navigate to the drive where your windows is installed. To check whether it is the right drive type in “dir” and make sure you see Program files, Windows etc folders.

command prompt

Step 5: Navigate to <drive> Windows\system32

Step 6: Type in following commands

cmd backup

Copy cmd.exe cmd.exe.bak
(It says 1File(s) copied.)
Copy utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak
(It says 1File(s) copied.)
Copy cmd.exe utilman.exe
(It asks to overwrite utilman.exe? yes/no/all: )
Type ‘Y’ 

Step 7: Now restart your pc (make sure you remove your USB) and at the bottom of the screen you’ll find ‘ease of access button, click on it you must see your command prompt.

ease of access

Step 8: Type in the following commands
cmd net usercmd net user password

Net user
(Displays all user accounts)
Net user “<your account name>” *
(Type a password for your account)

Step 9: Now login your account with your modified password.

Step 10: Later Don’t forget to revert step 6 changes.

Let me know in the comment section if any issues on bypass of login password.

Say hello to Google Allo a new chat app which is smarter than whatsapp

a messaging app by google

We all know that mobile chatting application WhatsApp has billions of users globally and became an essential application .Now google has launched a new application as a competitor for WhatsApp with more features like smart messaging,ink photos etc. it has been launched on September 20th .                                                                                                                            

                                        Download it from website
Here are few interesting features of Google Allo :
  •    Smart Reply
  •    Ink 
  •    Stickers 
  •    SHOUT or whisper 
  •    Meet your personal Google Assistant 
  •    Incognito mode 

Pros :
 Less in Size (9.47 MB)
 Smart reply option makes chatting  easy on the go.
 Google assistant is very interesting
Cons ;
  Has a lot of bugs
  Crashes in some devices

In order to compete with WhatsAppMessenger ,It  needs to have some essential updates.But Allo  is definitely smarter than WhatsApp   because of  hassle free chatting on the go.


Yahoo is owned by Verizon for $4.8 billion officially stated by its CEO

Internet giant yahoo is known for its immense of services from the beginning era of has around 1 billion users and 26 sub firms few of  them are listed below.once upon a time it was estimated to have worth $125 billion and even in a stage to buy google and facebook.

List of  popular Yahoo services
  •            Yahoo mail
  •            Yahoo messenger
  •            Yahoo news
  •            Yahoo answers
  •            Yahoo Finance
  •            Yahoo Cricket
  •            Yahoo Group
  •             Flickr          
However it failed to  compete with the advancement of  services like facebook messenger and google search  engine.Those factors lowered the market of the company and finally Verizon to take up the yahoo's operating business for a worth of $4.83 billion.
Official statement by CEO: 

          Its CEO, Marissa Mayer  addresses the company employees and user through email .She had posted the same content via twitter and her blog below is the link mentioned
          Link:Marissa's Email